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Flight Training Lessons for Condor 2

(FREE with the purchase of a Mach 0.1)


Condor 1-based flight training lessons plans are still available FREE for download.


Simulator Training Modules for Condor 2


This "course", available at academy.gliderbooks.com introduces you to the Training Modules developed by Russell Holtz for use with Condor 2, and allows you to download:


  • a "FlightSchool" folder for Condor 2 that contains over 100 training scenarios
  • a Student Progress Record with suggested reading assignments
  • an Instructor's Guide


These lessons were designed to be used with the Flight Training Manual for Gliders and the Glider Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.


Ideally, the lessons would be used along with a Mach 0.1 Glider Cockpit Simulator, but they can be used with any Condor 2 setup.


Benefits of Simulator Training


Using a simulator with your students for glider flight training increases the rate of learning, provide more thorough instruction, and decreases the cost and time it takes to get a pilot certificate.


A commercial glider operation can increase their revenue by training multiple students at once with a single instructor, or by providing evening or winter courses when actual flying would be impossible. Simulators can also be rented to students to practice by themselves before or after a lesson with an instructor.


For both clubs and commercial operators, simulator training can keep students involved, even when the weather isn't good for flying, which will lead to fewer canceled lessons, greater student retention, and more students getting their license.




Please Note:

Unlike our other courses that are aimed at students, this "course" is geared towards instructors. The material can be used with multiple students by an individual instructor. If your club or group would like to purchase multiple licenses for use by multiple instructors, please email us at academy@gliderbooks.com.





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