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Please check out the following clubs and gliderports. Ask them about using our training materials to learn to soar!


Adirondack Soaring Group

Adrian Soaring Club, Inc.

Aero Club Albatross

Aero Soaring Club, Inc.

Air Sailing Gliderport

Antelope Valley Soaring Club, Inc.

Arizona Soaring, Inc.

Associated Glider Clubs of So. Cal.

Barron Aviation Private Flight Services

Bermuda High Soaring

Big Q Aviation

Black Diamond Soaring, Inc.

Black Forest Soaring Society

Blackhawk Soaring Club, Inc.

Blue Ridge Soaring Society, Inc.

Brandywine Soaring Association

Brokenstraw Soaring Club

Caesar Creek Soaring Club

CAP Los Alamitos Glider SQ 41

Caprock Soaring Club, Inc.

Caracole Soaring

Carolina Soaring Association

Cascade Soaring Society

Central Alabama Soaring Association

Central California Soaring Club

Central Indiana Soaring Society, Inc

Chicago Glider Club

Chilhowee Soaring Association, Inc.

Cleveland Soaring Society, Inc.


Coastal Soaring Association

Colorado Soaring Association

Connecticut Soaring Association

Cross Country Soaring, Inc.

Cumberland Soaring Group Inc.

Eagleville Soaring Club

East Carolina Soaring Club Inc.

El Paso Soaring Society

Evergreen Soaring

Faultline Flyers

Finger Lakes Soaring

Franconia Soaring Association

Greater Boston Soaring Club

Greater Houston Soaring Assoc., Inc.

Harrier Soaring

Harris Hill Soaring Corp.

Hawaii Glider and Sailplane Academy

High Desert Soaring Club

High Flights Soaring Club

Hollister Soaring Center, LLC

Honolulu Soaring

Hood River Soaring

Huntsville Soaring Club

Illini Glider Club, Inc.

Kansas Soaring Association

Lake Elsinore Soaring Club

Las Vegas Valley Soaring Assoc.

Long Island Soaring Association

Louisville Soaring Club, Inc.

Lowcountry Soaring Association

Marfa Gliders

Marshall Soaring Club

Memphis Soaring Society

Merlin Soaring Association, Inc

Miami Gliders

Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association

Mid-Georgia Soaring Association

Midwestern Soaring Association

Mile High Gliding, Inc.

Minnesota Soaring Club

Mississippi State Univ. Soaring Club

Mohawk Soaring Club

Nevada Soaring Association

North Carolina Soaring Association

North Florida Soaring Society

Northern California Soaring Assoc.

Northwest Sky Sports

Northwest Soaring Society

Nutmeg Soaring Association

Omaha Soaring Club

Park Forest South Aviation Group

Philadelphia Glider Council

Post Mills Soaring Club

Prescott Soaring Society

Puget Sound Soaring Assoc., Inc.

Red Wing Soaring Association

Rose City Soaring Association LLC

San Antonio Soaring Society, Inc

Sandhill Soaring Club, Inc.

Saratoga Soaring Association, Inc.

Seminole-Lake Gliderport

Sheble Aviation

Shenandoah Valley Soaring, Inc

Shreveport Soaring Club

Silent Knights Gliding Club

Silverado Soaring Club

Silvercreek Glider Club

Sky King Soaring

Sky Sailing, Inc.

Sky Soaring, Inc.

Skyline Soaring Club

Truckee Tahoe Soaring Association

Soaring Club of Houston

Soaring NV

Soaring Society of Boulder

Southern Eagles Soaring

Spokane Soaring Society

Sporty's Academy

St. Louis Soaring Association

Stanton Sport Aviation Inc.

Steamboat Springs Soaring Association

Stowe Soaring

Sugarbush Soaring Association

Sundance Aviation

Sylvania Soaring Adventures

Tampa Bay Soaring Society

Teton Aviation Center

Texas Soaring Association, Inc.

Tidewater Soaring Society

Tucson Soaring Club, Inc.

US Southwest Soaring Museum, Inc

Utah Soaring Association

Valley Soaring Club

Wabash Valley Soaring

Wave Soaring Adventures

White Sands Soaring Assoc.

Willamette Valley Soaring Club

Williams Soaring Center

Windy City Soaring Association

Wisconsin Soaring Society

Wurtsboro Airport

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