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Simulated Glider Cockpit with Integrated Flight Controls

The MACH 0.1 allows students and pilots to do basic training, master core concepts, and explore new scenarios using soaring flight simulator software in a realistic glider cockpit configuration. The natural control layout includes stick, adjustable rudder pedals, spoilers, wheel brake, landing gear, trim, and a tow release handle. You supply the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and simulator software.


Now includes


• Reduce time & costs involved in training

• Make use of inclement weather days

• Practice emergency situations

• Concentrate on specific maneuvers

• Keep students engaged

• Enjoy more soaring time


Now comes standard with the Mach 0.1 Keypad ($28 value) and Condor 2 Flight Training Lessons ($99 value)!



Price: $1899 each




For more information on ordering a Mach 0.1 for your home, school, or gliderport, please contact:

Russell Holtz



Condor 2 lessons


(FREE with the purchase of a Mach 0.1)


Condor 1-based flight training lessons plans are still available FREE for download.


Coming Soon!

Newly updated design will begin shipping in 2019.

Learn, Practice & Fly Anytime!  Low operating cost!  No tow-pilot needed!

Realistic layout with natural stick position and spoiler handle with integrated wheel brake.

Landing gear actuation lever and water ballast dump control.

Elevator trim lever and flap controls.

Adjustable rudder pedals allow for different size pilots.

Panel mounted controls for release, variometer, navigation computer, and altimeter.

Rudder pedals designed to mimic the feel and movement of real glider rudder pedals.

Assembly Instructions



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