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GLIDERBOOKS Academy delivers convenient, cost-effective, and high quality online aeronautical knowledge training.


  • CONVENIENT - Ground school on your schedule

Divided into short learning sections, study for 15 minutes or 5 hours anywhere you have an internet connection using a computer, tablet, or smart phone.


  • COST-EFFECTIVE - Maximize your training dollar

These highly structured, logically presented, and comprehensive online courses replace many hours of ground instruction.


  • HIGH QUALITY - Created by an MIT graduate and experienced CFI-G

Russell has a degree in aeronautical engineering and thousands of hours of flight and ground training experience.


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Russell has expanded on the material in his popular glider training book, Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, to develop these in-depth, comprehensive on-line ground school courses. Using slides, videos, and animation, Russell presents the material in a way that promotes understanding, and provides students with a working knowledge of the concepts involved.


To be a safe pilot requires flight skills, knowledge, and good judgment. A pilot must have a working knowledge of the glider, its systems, and the environment in which it operates. Memorizing the material to pass the FAA Knowledge Test is not sufficient. These courses create a strong foundation to allow students to become safe and proficient pilots.


Purchase of a course entitles you to one-year of individual access to the course.


More courses will continue to be added as they are developed.



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